Warehouse management and scanning solutions

Tobacco Track and Trace

Is your business ready for Tobacco Track and Trace? Our dry bond warehouse software and scanning systems integrate with the government Track and Trace system to ensure trouble-free compliance with the new regulations that come into force in May 2024.

Case Study

Find out how we helped Tor Imports get ready for Tobacco Track and Trace so they can be compliant without losing productivity, profit or production velocity.


Track and Trace Integration

Seamless integration with government track and trace systems for ease of submitting data

2D and RFID barcode scanning

Use the built in camera on your iOS device or any iOS compatible Bluetooth barcode scanner to scan 2D or RFID barcodes

Offline working

Use the system outside the warehouse or in blackspots by syncing before and after over an office WiFi connection

Gaina functionality

All the additional functionality of Gaina’s dedicated bonded warehouse systems

Don’t just take our word for it

“We’re going to get double the orders out than we could’ve if we had to use two scanners. It’s helping us stay fully compliant with customs and excise, HMRC and the Track and Trace system. We wouldn’t ever look anywhere else. Gaina is a breath of fresh air.”

Barry Chilver, Project Manager, Tor Imports


Get a free consultation from an expert who will explain how Gaina’s software can help you not only achieve Track and Trace compliance but also achieve your business’s goals – including reducing errors, increasing efficiency, improving product tracking and maximising profitability.

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