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Gaina clients are getting back on track

Gaina clients are getting back on track

Cheers to normality!

It’s no secret that many businesses have been negatively affected by Covid-19, but with the end of lockdown in sight, and businesses reopening their doors, better times are coming. Normality is beginning to resume.

Like everyone else, our clients have had to adapt, and we’ve been there every step of the way. Here’s how the Gaina team have been applying their knowledge and skills to help our clients weather the storm and move towards normal trading.

Advanced customer payment plans

Having adequate levels of working capital is never far from the mind of any business leader.  Available cash flow is more important now than ever to help organisations bounce back as restrictions begin ease.

Due to it’s importance, we developed and delivered enhanced payment plan functionality, that allows our users to create flexible payment plans for their clients, in addition to collecting their standard direct debt amounts.

Reducing outstanding balances as fast as possible, means improved cashflow, giving our customers some much needed room to breathe.

Enabling 24/7 ordering

Government restrictions have made it difficult if not impossible, for Sales Reps to visit their customers. This has made creating an additional sales channel a key priority for businesses over the past year.

We know how important it is to make placing orders as convenient and efficient as possible. So our team invested their efforts into improving the functionality of our existing B2B web ordering platform

Our client’s customers can now place orders, view their account information and avail of the latest promotions from anywhere at any time.

Ensuring customer order fulfilment

In an ever-changing business environment, adaptability is key. Navigating the pandemic, has meant that some of Gaina’s clients have had to operate in accordance with social distancing guidelines, many with a skeleton staff and remote working.

Gaina’s ERP system ensured that our clients could process high volumes of orders at speed and with minimal error.

Our support team worked closely with our clients to minimise disruption and ensure that every user could get connected to all relevant systems whenever they needed to. Even while working remotely.

Deploying capital where it matters

In recent times many businesses have sharpened their focus on the areas in which they are spending their capital.  During a crisis it’s not unusual for organisations to cut costs and minimise unnecessary purchases.

Throughout the pandemic, Gaina’s business analysis tools allowed our clients to have a detailed view across each of their departments, with easy-to-process data at their fingertips.

Having this visibility allowed our clients to make informed decisions about where to invest and where to save.

Real people – invested in client success

When COVID-19 was declared an international pandemic, contingency planning meetings were scheduled in businesses across the globe. Gaina was no different.

Our primary concern was of course, the safety and wellbeing of our employees and clients.

Like most organisations we pivoted early and our full team began working remotely.  We adapted our business strategy, deciding that our primary tactic was to ‘Do all we could to ensure our clients businesses survived the pandemic’.

Our customer care team stepped up to the mark time and time again, keeping regular communication going with all our clients. We understood the challenges that faced each client and were able to advise and provide solutions.

We’re proud of the way our team conducted themselves. They went above and beyond to meet customer needs and to help in any way they could. Thanks to their hard work, we’re confident that all of our clients will be back trading strong soon.

We’d love to help you get back on track, and we’re here to listen.
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