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How better data management could save your business

Data applies to everything, and everything creates data. Knowing what to do with this data can have enormous benefits to your organisation.  Highly productive and efficient organisations are always data driven. Having usable information at their fingertips expatiates decision-making and helps identify issues before they escalate.  Gaina’s ERP solution can provide you with that data.  Here’s how: Data storage & contingency Gaina’s ERP system has been developed to run on Oracle database technology. The solution can be cloud-based or on-premise depending on customer requirements.  Either way, Gaina offer Oracle data replication to all clients.  Our client’s data is replicated to a secondary server in a different physical location every ten minutes.  This service ensures that in the event of a system failure our client’s data is always recoverable.

Data entry

It is our belief that when data has been entered into an information system once, there should never be a requirement to rekey that data.  Control IT was developed using this ‘single data entry principle’. Single data entry reduces the number of keying errors and improves overall operational efficiency. ORCA is an acronym for Order Capture. ORCA is Gaina’s mobile sales application, developed for Sales Representatives in the field. The application enables sales staff to place orders and access vital customer information when doing what they do best, selling! ORCA interfaces customer order data along with survey data back to Control IT avoiding the requirement for office staff to re-key customer orders in the office.  This process saves valuable time and reduces errors. Gaina’s B2B Web portal places data entry in the hands of our client’s customers.  End-users log on to their account on the B2B Web portal and place their orders themselves.  Once they have submitted the order it is transmitted to Control IT automatically. This eliminates the need for our client’s office staff to key any order lines at any stage.

Data processing

Data processing occurs when data is collected and translated into usable information. Data processing ensures clients can spot trends and make sense of the information available to them. Gaina’s BI (business intelligence) application enables clients to perform in-depth data analysis by producing, interactive reports, analyser reports, graphs, visualisations and customisable dashboards.  Having intuitive data available results in informed decision making every time. We would love the opportunity to discuss ways that we can help manage your data, reduce re-keying and save you time and money.  If you would like to discuss how we can help, please fill out the below consultation form.