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Introducing Gaina View: Get Instant Access To Your Drinks Data

Introducing Gaina View: Get Instant Access To Your Drinks Data

The modern drinks business generates a huge amount of data. Translating all of this data is an impossible task, especially in its raw form. Organising the data into various reports helps you make sense of it all, forward plan and make data-driven decisions. Crucially, when linked to your ERP system, it gives you one source of truth for your business.

However, running these robust reports and downloading for offline analysis can take time and it isn’t always feasible for day-to-day reporting. With many businesses increasingly wanting to run quick performance checks, ad-hoc reports, and routine analysis of common data points, the demand for instant, live reporting has grown.

You asked so we listened

When we were updating our 2019 Product and Services Roadmap, we spoke to a number of customers about their reporting requirements.  We analysed the dozens of requests we had received from you over the past 24 months for various report generation, and cross-referenced those with the most commonly pulled reports from our ERP system, Control IT.

This process highlighted around 20 different reports that our customers required instant access to. Further investigation unearthed that you needed the reports to be generated quickly, be fully customisable, use live data and be exportable to Excel.

So, that’s what we’ve given you.

At the end of 2018, we made a commitment to further invest in Research and Development (R&D) so that we could produce products and services that our customers needed. Over the past 6 months, we have invested heavily in R&D, part of which has enabled us to develop a new dynamic reporting tool that gives you instant access to live reports for your business.

We call it Gaina View.

Using an innovative new technology, Oracle Apex Reporting, we have built a reporting tool that gives you instant access to the 20+ reports we have created (including sales order reports, aged debt reports and stock location reports etc.) as well as additional reports which can be produced faster than ever before.

We wanted to make the process as intuitive as possible so we have made the tool easy for anyone in the business to pick up – [no] training required! You can customise the layout of your reports by choosing the columns that you are interested in, applying filters, highlighting, and sorting the data. You can also define breaks, aggregations, create charts, and add your own computations. ​

Now, you can run instant sales reports to see who your top performing sales reps are for that week, for example.

Gaina View Sales Chart
Bar chart showing sales performance by reps

The reporting features on Gaina View enable decision makers to identify sales and promotional opportunities in specific accounts.  They can also identify additional revenue and scope for developing relationships within target accounts.

For example, you can run a report to filter all of your accounts who are buying Gin from you but who aren’t buying Tonic. Are they using another supplier?

It’s not just for sales reports

But we didn’t want to limit this to sales reports of course. With Gaina View you can create a credit report that will identify those accounts who owe you more than €5000+, for example, or highlight that account that has exceeded their credit limit – time to start making some calls to see why they aren’t paying. Best of all, you can get it in 10 seconds!

Aged Debt report showing accounts who have exceeded their credit limit

Run a quick stock report and your warehouse manager can get a live view of your warehouse to help make stock-related decisions. Are there any items below their stock threshold? Does your last stock count match up with what you have on the system?


Over/under stock report showing the location of stock where the input quantity doesn’t match the computer quantity: Control IT stock reconciliation modules


You can also apply filters, highlighting, and sorting to the data so that it is presented in a way that is relevant to you. And, because we know some customers still prefer it, you can download your reports in an excel spreadsheet or HTML.

When it comes to the analysis of your data, there will always be a need to use some form of reporting – whether it is a deep dive to identify medium-long term business trends, or to simply pull a quick ad-hoc report for your sales meeting that morning.

With over 20 different reports to choose from (and more if you need them) Gaina View gives you instant access to your data in real-time. You can now take advantage of our data expertise and request ad-hoc reporting in a way that has never been possible before, with minimal cost.

We have also made Gaina View easy to use so that anyone in the business can adopt it and, because the data is live, it takes seconds to produce reports.  Best of all, the data is pulled from your ERP system, Control IT for accuracy and security – giving you one source of the truth for your business.

If you want to find out more about Gaina View, get in touch with your Account Manager today.